Episode 2: Hear Life’s Melody

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There is something about music that just draws people in and sparks interest. It’s a force that can never be controlled, just appreciated, and I think that’s the beauty in this art form, it’s literally unstoppable.

We are blessed with talents and it’s our choice with what we want to do with it. Well for me, I chose to share and inspire others, especially little kids, with this talent for music. I work as a Piano teacher at a local Music School during the summer, and this summer is actually my first time teaching. I learned music from that school, and until now, I’m still learning. It’s a continuous process, infinite.

I am a pianist. I fell in love with the piano the first time that I learned a song, and that song was actually a theme from an Anime that I used to watch, Clannad. But now, aside from teaching how to play the piano, I am also learning how to play another instrument, the violin, what I consider the most elegant and melodic of all string instruments. It’s pretty hard to learn, actually. I have been taking lessons for about three weeks now and I am nowhere near the level I was in when I was studying the piano. Frustrating? Yeah, kind of, yet that’s just what keeps driving me to practice and to master how to play this gorgeous instrument.

Just yesterday, a Sunday, the E string of my violin broke. I was pretty much heart broken, I felt like I ruined all my chances to practice the following week, for my violin teacher was on a trip and I have not yet mastered how to tune a violin, yet alone replace it’s strings. So, today, I brought a new set of strings, and boy was it such a challenge to remove, replace and tune the string by myself. It felt like forever, so I gave up and rested for a few moments before trying again.

Approximately an hour later, I finally replaced all the strings, now it’s time to tune it. And up to now, my violin is half tuned correctly. Well at least I hope it is. God, I am such a newbie. I guess I’ll just ask for help from my friend tomorrow, he’s actually what I consider a musical prodigy and I look up to him even if he’s younger than me.

In a few weeks time, I will be taking part in a recital. I will play the violin as part of a string orchestra and also as a soloist. I am still not sure whether I’ll be assigned to play as piano or violin accompanist ย for the kids though. So, please stay tuned for the next Nica Episode.