The only source of knowledge is experience. –Albert Einstein

Bucket List


We set multiple goals throughout our every day lives. ย We challenge ourselves to finish all of the tasks on our To-Do lists, to scratch things off of our Bucket lists, to live, to learn, to experience new things. I really think that every day given to us is a gift and what we do with our day is our gift to ourselves.

So come and live, learn & experience new things with me here on The Nica Episodes.

Who am I?

Hello there, my name is Nicola, but some people call me Nics, or Nica for short. I am 17 years old and living life day after day from the Philippines. I am a college student at the moment, taking up Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences. I am an avid reader, a music lover and teacher, a small entrepreneur, and now, a blogger.

If you’ll come across any of my friends and ask about me, they’d probably describe me as loud, a girl who speaks her mind, pretty impulsive and over all a friend you can rely on. I do tend to be quite at times, but I think that’s just because I like to write (or in our case, type) things down.

So, yea. That’s me. You’ll probably get to know me more through my posts, so stay tuned for the next Nica Episode.